Elfentanz im Erlenhain
Moritz von Schwind (1804-1871)

Elfentanz im Erlenhain,

um 1860
Material / Technology / Carrier
Öl auf Leinwand
Dimensions of the object
64,7 x 47,7 cm
19. Jahrhundert
Inventory number
1869 durch Adolf Friedrich Graf von Schack erworben
Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen - Sammlung Schack München
Moritz von Schwind, Elfentanz im Erlenhain, um 1860, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen - Sammlung Schack München, URL: https://www.sammlung.pinakothek.de/en/artwork/8eGVnMBGWQ (Last updated on 19.06.2023)
In Nordic mythology elves are creatures of light who embody the forces of nature and occupy a position between mortals and the gods. They are shy and, though physically weaker than mortals, can harm them. Elves enjoy dancing in lonely places on moonlit summer nights. Ludwig Tieck tells of their doings in his fairytale `Die Elfen¿ (The Elves). Schwind shows them as magical beings, using pale colours to suggest their weightlessness as they dance in a circle in mid-air.

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