Juwelier mit einer Dame
Paris Bordone (1500-1571)

Juwelier mit einer Dame

Material / Technology / Carrier
Dimensions of the object
99,5 x 88,3 cm
Not on display
Inventory number
Aus der Kurfürstlichen Galerie München
Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen - Alte Pinakothek München
Paris Bordone, Juwelier mit einer Dame, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen - Alte Pinakothek München, URL: https://www.sammlung.pinakothek.de/en/artwork/9pL3Qwq4eb (Last updated on 21.03.2024)
This enigmatic double portrait takes its traditional name from the assertive gentleman standing in the foreground, who was already dubbed a "jeweller" in an inventory of 1637. To the side behind him, a lady with braided hair and luxurious clothing emerges from the shadow, tilting her head to the side and lowering her gaze. The obvious imbalance in the depiction of the two sitters raises questions: How do they relate to each other, what story does the painting tell? The table in the foreground with the jewellery spread out on it, which gave the man the name of "jeweller", is not, however, the work of Paris Bordone, but an addition of a later artist. In fact, some of the precious objects painted here are to be found in the so-called “Kleinodienbuch” of Duchess Anna of Österreich, an illustrated inventory of the jewels belonging to the wife of Duke Albrecht V. of Bavaria, with illuminations by Munich court painter Hans Mielich. Hence, the luxurious jewellery can only have been added to the painting at a later date, after it had arrived in Bavaria.

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